Roofing Inspection Process for Roofing Insurance Claims

Roofing inspection insurance claims

Roofing Inspection Process for Roofing Insurance Claims

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The Roofing Inspection Process for Roofing Insurance Claims is not complicated. Every year the unpredictable weather in Texas wreaks havoc on hundreds of roofs. Even our home city, Mesquite experiences the natural occurrence several times per year reports say. It can be distressing for everyone, more so if the damage was severe.

Besides, not knowing what to do, who to call, or how to navigate through your insurance policy adds a great deal of stress.

 We can help you navigate through the process and know what to do!  Elias Roofing and Home Improvements has serviced Mesquite, TX and the Dallas Metroplex for the last 3o years. And counting on our past experiences dealing with the Roofing Inspection Process for Roofing Insurance Claims, we came up with the best advice our experts can give you.

Roofing Inspection Process for Roofing Insurance Claims

How to Assess Roof Damage After a Storm

First, do not climb onto your roof. Walking or standing on the roof could be more dangerous after a storm. Instead, walk around the property and observe what you can see.

Look for shingles that seem cracked or peeled off, if you don’t see many, the damage can be less significant. Walk around inside your house and look for water leaks as well. Either way, let a qualified Roofing Contractor inspect your roof. Have in mind that inspections are mostly free and your insurance most likely will cover the cost of the repairs.

How to Submit Roofing Insurance Claims

Give your insurance company a call to see the how long you have to file your claim.

Survey all the areas of the house that you can safely access, look for damage:

  • Walk around the outside and inspect your frames, doors, windows, brick. outside paint and gutters.
  • Check for dents, look at your garage door panels and any metal structure you have outside.
  • Take a look at your fence and backyard items like a metal BBQ and such.
  • Survey the ceiling of your home and Attic., looking for water leaks.

After you have personally assessed everything you could, call your insurance company again and ask them about the specific coverage on the policy.

They will assign an agent to help you and send an adjuster to your home to assess the damage. Also, Get an appointment with a roofing contractor to meet with the adjuster on site!

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What to do Next

Find a local roofing contractor with a good reputation (Check reviews) and make an appointment to meet at your house with the insurance adjuster. You will have to review the estimate with the contractor and consider the contractor’s limitations.

After the work has been completed, send all the invoices to your insurance company and find out the stages of reimbursement.

Pay the due fees to your contractor and check all the proper warranties.

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Elias Roofing and home improvements offers fast and reliable hail damage relief.


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